How can I map correctly a Notion Multi-Select field?

I’m not able to Append to Notion Page Content all the values coming from a Multi-Select variable in my Notion DataBase, only one of them.

How can I map correctly this field to be able to capture all the values?

Hi @Samuel_Andreo

I believe the values are of array datatype. So, please iterate them using Iterator and connect it to Text Aggregator (enable advanced settings to provide a separator).

Then the output of the text aggregator module can be mapped in the Notion module.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mohamed Jahar
Msquare Automation:gear:


Yes, @Mohamed_Jahar’s is a good possible solution – another option you have is to use a function in your Append Page Content module: {{join(map(YourMultiSelect; “name”); ", ")}}

Here is an explanation video


Thanks @Simo! I will try first your option.

If not working I will try the proposal from @Mohamed_Jahar


@Simo I’m trying to do something similar on a “Create a database item” module, and I keep getting the following error: " * The operation failed with an error. [400] Invalid select option, commas not allowed: Children/Youth Services, Substance Abuse, Healthcare". I’m trying to map a multi-select to a multi-select. :confused:

@Garrett_Clawson commas are not allowed in a Notion multi-select property. In this case, no need to use the “join” function. Just use map(*yourMultiselectProperty*;name)

Replace yourMultiselectProperty with your mapped multi-select property (the array)

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@Simo You are brilliant! Thank you so much!