How extract all data from array, Notion

In Notion I have a multi select (SP,DE,FR,HI) that I want to transfer to another table along with other data.
But the problem is that only the first element is transferred, for some reason I can’t transfer everything that is in the line at once, Make reads only the 1st value and adds it.
How can I make it so that there are several values? I tried the Get function, but I think I’m doing something wrong.

For example, the data that I send SP, DE, FR, only the first SP element is added to another table, and I need all of them to be added

Hi @Sviatoslav_M,

What does the response look like, can you share the screenshot of the Notion output for the Location?

I believe that you should be able to do that by either passing n array of Country Code or a comma-separated list.


Yes, @Runcorn’s point seems right. Since Notion multi-selects are arrays, you can use the MAP function in Make. In this format: map({{Location[]}};name)
Let us know how it goes


Thanks, a lot, It’s a solution! You very help me :muscle:

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