Array to text multiselect


i want to export text to google docs depending on multiselect selection in Notion.

Notion multiselect number 1 - export to google docs - text #1

Notion multiselect number 2 - export to google docs - text no.2


I was able to export the text when I entered the array number {{14.array[β€œ1”].name}}. How, but to write the whole range of the array?
blueprint.json (345.2 KB)

Hi @Tomas_Bek, can you explain the part in your blueprint after the aggregator?
It seems you want to check the different Notion DB’s for each multiselect value. If that is the case, you can move this part between the iterator and aggregator and use the Name from the Iterator to search the Notion DB (instead of the value from module 2). That way you will make the searches for each multiselect value that you get from the first β€œGet database item”.