Numeric Aggregator goes "outside of view" when aggregating line items

Hi everyone,

I have the following scenario today, which SUM’s similar line items from one table in Airtable to another.


In the two first Airtable modules, I set the view to be “Factory” which limits the line items to only those with a status of “Factory”

However, when I then run the scenario, the Numeric Aggregator module sums up all line items in the table, not just the ones with status “Factory”.

I’m not sure how to tell the Numeric Aggregator that I only want it to sum up line items from the “Factory” view, besides what I have already done?


Your summing the output of module 74, your array iterator.

Check the output bundles of module 74 to make sure you are getting the right set of data to sum.

Hi Alex,

Yes you are right, but the Iterator gets its values from the Array Aggregator which gets it’s values from the two Airtable modules.

So, in my view, that data should already be restricted by me having selected a specific view in those modules?

I don’t see any way that I can limit which data is processed either in the Array Aggregator, the Iterator, (the Router), or the Numeric Aggregator, so how else do I limit what gets aggregated an ultimately summed?


With a filter between the iterator and the numeric aggregator. That’s how.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your reply, it seems to work so success!

I had tried with a filter earlier that I couldn’t get working, but think I might have inserted it on an earlier step.