Numeric aggregator question

hello, i have a simple scenario that supposed to sum up the daily sales with google sheets and send it to another service, from some reason in the last module I’m not able to receive any other scenario data other than the numeric aggregator value,

how can I bypass it ?


That’s what an aggregator does. To the sum of the values, you probably want to use an array aggregator to collect all the bundles from the Sheets module. Then to get the total use a formula something like this:

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Tried playing around with it a little bit but no luck so far.

I have a google sheet that have all the orders data,
I want the scenario to generate me 2 values;

  1. sum the amount of order totals
  2. count the amount of orders (lines)

and use it on the last module to send sms with this data.

Currently i’m achieving the first value. the 2 value is inaccessible.


If you are putting the google data in an array, {{length(2.array)}} will return the number of rows in the array.

Can you share your current scenario, google module output (and if you are using an aggregator, the aggregator output)?