OneDrive Search module not working

Hello, new here, great that now we have this space instead of Facebook. Ok, I tried everything in the search query of the search files/folders module of OneDrive but it always returns 0 bundles. Nothing, Nada. Nno matter what I throw at it. In the similar module of google drive, almost same config, works perfect. My location is not a shared folder. Please what Am I doing wrong?

@Michaela I just opened up the integration myself, and experienced the same issue. this looks like an error, can we submit a ticket for this?/or confirm with the dev team what we have configured incorrectly?

@Dran9 a short term workaround for this would be to use power automate, to search and move the file to google drive. If you have a business office365 account, you can trigger a make webhook from Power Automate.

and a :make:make watcher waiting for the files to land on google in said folder.

Hey @Dran9 , how lovely to see you in the community! :wave:

Thanks for the tag @JugaadiTech :pray:

In cases like these, we generally suggest that you try searching in the root of your OneDrive rather than in individual folders. Could you guys give that a go and see if it works for you? If you’re still facing issues after trying this, the best way to tackle the situation would be to open a ticket with our support team. The agents can investigate the scenario from within and are always eager to assist :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, Michaela, I remember you from Monday community right? The module definitely has a bug. And if it would work on the root, it’s still a bug because we can not have ALL folders at root level for it to work. I’ll open a ticket.
Nice to see you here.

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Hey Daniel, look at your brilliant memory, haha! I do, indeed, hang out in the monday community from time to time :sunglasses: Great to see you here also!

Alrighty, thanks for logging the ticket. Whenever you believe you’ve discovered a bug, this is truly the best process since our support team can then assess the situation and report the issue to the dev team.

It’s now working! Pavel wrote me saying it works in his side, I tried again in my scenario and now it works! Who now what happened.

Hello, apparently the problem is back!
At least for us, existing folders are usually not found during the search. I have the feeling that after a long time it works once and then no longer.
Unfortunately, the support team did not help me. I haven’t gotten any feedback here for a few days. Does anyone else here currently have these problems?

Is there perhaps also a possibility to work in OneDrive not with the folder ID but with the path? Because currently I only have to search for the folder to find out the ID.

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