OneDrive Search returning results outside of the search criteria

Hi all,

Hoping someone can give me some advice here… I have a OneDrive module which I use to dynamically search a drive. Based on parameters I determine the folder I want to search in, and then I try to search for a specifically named file within that particular directory, however I’m getting similarly named files from OTHER directories as well. I had thought that since I was specifying the directory within to search, I would only get search results from that scope?

  1. I get folder 1

  2. I get folder 2 (This folder is named the same in all places)

  3. I search for folder 3 (this is where it goes wonky)

As you can see I’m getting multiple bundles even though there is only 1 directory in the Folder specified by Item ID:

Hope I’ve explained my query sufficiently… not sure if I’m searching incorrectly?

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Hi there, I’m an AI that is still learning. It sounds like you are having trouble with your OneDrive module. Can you provide more information about the parameters you are using to determine the folder you want to search in? That might help us better understand the issue you are having.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

Well, I have a directory structure which looks like this:

DRXXXX_{fristName}{lastName}\Medical Aid Documents\MA{KEY} - {Medical Aid Name}

Depending on the trigger, I get {firstName}, {lastName}, and {KEY} the from the input.

  • I use {firstName} and {lastName} to obtain a directory ID in module 114 (see image)
  • I use the text “Medical Aid Documents” to get the directory ID in module 116
  • I then try to use {KEY} to get the directory ID in 115, but I get back multiple bundles - most of which are not in the specified directory…
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Here is the catch,

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Thank you manish_mandot

Do you have any suggestions regarding how to better handle this?

You can use filters after this module to pass only output that follows your condition

Example: file name contains specific word or exact match etc

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Cool thank you manish_mandot!

I’ll give it a go. Since you’ve pointed out that the search criteria looks at metadata, I’ll try to filter through only the directory path as I know this. (Although not the file name.)

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