Onesignal and ActiveCampaign integration

Hello everyone! I am trying to find a solution to integrate my ActiveCampaign database with Onesignal to use segments based on the tags of the contacts from ActiveCampaign. To get the tags out of the contacts into onesignal i think i need to create a scenario in make so that every time something changes (any tag changes) in ActiveCampaign the changes are directed into Onesignal too. Can someone guide me on how i should be doing this?

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Hi. Sebastian. In this case you need read the OneSignal doc to write the correct flow and http api calls requests. OneSignal has a lot of the functions provided by API and only a few of them are available in Make modules. So I recommend you read the OnSignal docs to create the api calls.

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Hello, @Sebastian1 , interesting case that you want to put together.

Some points you should know:

  • To update a device in onesignal you must do it through the external_user_id field. (see documentation)

  • You must relate an ActiveCampaing contact with the OneSignal external_user_id field, I used the HASH field. (view image)

  • The Activecampaing API does not have the possibility to notify you when a contact has been updated, so you should run the automation perhaps every day at 9AM looking for the contacts of the previous day. (view image)

  • For each contact, call the OneSignal API with the tags you want to configure. (view image)

ActiveCampaing relationship with OneSignal
The HASH field of activecampaing is used to associate it to a device in Onesignal.

Search contacts from yesterday with Customer Tag

Add tags to a device

added tags

Edit tags with external user id

External User Ids

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