Open ai Completion Streaming

Hello, I am currently have a simple workflow with open ai chat completion but it is very slow, is there a way to stream the data while its being completed for a more user friendly experience on the front end?

Of course, I’d be happy to help you with that. Streaming the data while it’s being completed can indeed provide a more user-friendly experience. To achieve this, you can make use of HTTP requests to interact with the OpenAI API.
Set up a HTTP requests.
Initiate the completion process by sending a request from the front end.
The server communicates with the OpenAI API to start the completion and begins streaming partial results.
Use server-sent events, web sockets, or chunked HTTP responses to stream partial completion results back to the front end.
Display the partial results to the user in real-time.
Once the completion process is complete, send the final result from the server to the front end.

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I am new to make, do I use the open ai block or the http block. Could you give me some more guidance on it. I kind of don’t know what I am doing.:+1:

Let me provide some guidance on how you can approach using the OpenAI API and streaming data in your workflow Connect here for reliable communication

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