Open AI Team Building Chat Bot

I am using OpenAI to generate posts on our internal Google Chat/Slack bot. I create a list of prompts and goals and then OpenAi is supposed to create a message to send to the team.

During all of the testing the prompts worked without a problem it generated a message that made sense. Today it went live and it added a sign-off tag at the end i.e. “[Your Name]”.

Do you have a suggestion to update the prompt so OpenAI won’t generate the sign-off?

Hey @cre8iongroup

To prevent OpenAI from generating a sign-off tag at the end, you can adjust the prompt to explicitly instruct OpenAI not to include a sign-off. For example:

“Create a message to send to the team based on the following prompts and goals. Please ensure that the message does not include a sign-off tag at the end.”