"OpenAI GPT3 Answer following Question." Not getting it to work...?

Any makers got this template to work?

blueprint.json (14.5 KB)

Saw it and wanted to adopt it myself, however when trying to start the guided setup (which incuded a how-to video) it just got me this: “hook not found 533240” (see pics)

Not sure where to go from here, thought I myself could just add a “direct/instant trigger” (if that’s the term?) like “ctrl+c” to trigger the automation, but when researching on how to do it by asking GPT 4 it said it was going to need another tool like AutoHotkey…

Anyway, does anyone know how to get this to work properly? :slight_smile:


You cannot run freshly imported templates without setting each module up.

You’ll need to click on each module and save it again, creating a connection if prompted to.

No, you cannot simply use keyboard shortcuts to run automation. That’s not how Webhooks work.

You need to make an actual HTTP request to trigger a scenario with a “Custom Webhook” trigger module.

You will need to record/write a script (like a macro software like AutoHotKey) to read from your computer clipboard, and open the web browser and paste the contents into the web page.


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