OpenAI module + Google Sheet optimisation

Hi! So I made this scenario, in which I take data in a Google Sheet and translate it in different langages. So far, it needs a few adjustments, but it’s working fine.

In order to have as few modules as possible, would I be able to translate several langages in 1 OpenAI module, or do I need to create one for each langage? Would I be able to set a variable in the OpenAI Messages fields and call it later in my last Google Sheet (Update a row), instead of just calling {{2.choices.message.content}}.

Now this works well to update one row at a time. But let’s say I need to fill the whole document with several rows, what would be a better Google Sheet action?

Thank you!

Hi @Melanie_Lavigueur

To solve your issue, please try using the Search Rows module and utilize a text aggregator to combine the necessary data field.

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