Openai auto control from google sheet

Hello All,

I have a question related to a scenario I want to create.

First of all let me give you a bit of context. I want to generate a weekly post with chatgpt but I want to be sure that every new post wills be different from the previous ones. Typically I have 100 topics which are all differents but they are related to a main topic.

So every monday I generate a post from one line from a google shit, as soon I read this first line I ask to one instance of chatgpt to generate a title with APIkey “#1” then this specific title is sent to the same instance of chatgpt APIkey “#1” asking him to generate a post.

Until so far all is working but as soon I add autocontrol asking to chatgpt to check the previous titltes before creating a new title and asking him the previous post before creating new post my scenario is entering in a infinite loop…

Mmany thanks in advance

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