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I try to generate a database with Open Hours of a Business to generate an output depending on the Date. The Open Hours can vary on Public Holidays and depend of the day of the week. Some Public Holidays can be on different days every year and I did not want to maintain a database that last years in the future.

So I have the strange idea to ask OpenAI simply if today is a Public Holiday or not. So I send OpenAI a prompt saying “Today is Thursday, 25th of April, 2024 in New Zealand. Is this a Public Holiday and if yes, which one.”.

When I use this in my ChatGPT Client this is working. It is in principle working with the OpenAI Module too, but … the next day (Friday) it still return it is Public HOliday, even when acknowledged it is now Friday.

After some more tests I have the feeling even when it is called on different times, it seems that OpenAI respond based on previous answers, even when it is a day after. Usually I would hand over a ConversationID, so that ChatGPT know, it is a new Conversation - but there is no Parameter for that.

I did not find a way to give the right anwers, as I am able to do when using ChatGPT directly. Any idea?


You’ll need to fetch the current day from your database and also pass it to OpenAI.


That is what I do, but it still I get strange and false responses:

Not just the day, I mean the opening hours for the current day also needs to be passed to OpenAI.


As we have a lot of special open hours on Public Holidays and Bridge Days I did it differently. I only want to know from ChatGPT what day it is and if it is a Public Holiday in New Zealand.

The result will be parsed and than used to compare with a Data Storage.

You see it here:

And here is the blueprint:

blueprint.json (39.0 KB)

But the Problem is the answer. I ask on 25th of April 2024 if this is a Public Holiday it it response yes, it is ANZAC Day. Then I ask on 26th of April 2024, what day it is, and it say its a Monday. (Its a Friday) or for example it response it is Fridag, but still Public Holiday ANZAC DAy (wrong).


That’s how AIs built with LLMs (Large Language Model) work. GPT (Generate pre-trained) is an example of an LLM. They don’t actually know the current date and holidays and is just providing output based on what it’s trained on, and what prompt & data you are feeding it.

For it to “know” you need to pass in the appropriate data as well.

So for example, your prompt would be:

Today is 25/04/2024 in New Zealand.

This week's public holidays are:
25/04 Anzac Day
26/04 Another holiday
28/04 Yet another holiday

Based on the above, is today a holiday?

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You may add a Search Engine in between like SerpAPI: SerpAPI | 🦜️🔗 LangChain