Outlook calendar clean up

How could I retrieve all the id of my Office 365 calendar events of the last 7 days?

Seems like in the filter option there is only “created date” and “last modified date” available. Is there a work around you see that I could use?

The final purpose is to be able to automate this :

  • for each item in the calendar in the last 7 days that have the category “X”, then change the category to “Y”

Thank you!

Filters sometimes do not apply in Microsoft Apps we have seen this a lot of times.

Just set the Limit high and try to get many (like 100 or 1000s) as result to cover your 7 days backwards.

After this use a Filter, 7 Days before Now. {{setDay(now; -7)}} to filter all that are Later than.

And then just update ya Events.

Happy automation! (WMF-TS)

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