Outlook : impossible to get sent date from a mail

I’m making a scenario to contact people. I’m using outlook to send e mail. I need to get and put the sent date in my CRM. But it’s impossible to get this information for a mappping in google sheet. There’s no information from outlook in my google sheet module :

After verification, I have a sent date (here in a get message module) :

What can i do ?

Hello @ROMAIN_Charles,

Sometimes this happens.
Try disconnecting the Google Sheets module then reconnecting it to Outlook module and see if it helps.


Done, but nothing change. I’ve also tried to do the scenario again, but same problem…

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with it.
If it’s not a large scenario, you may try rebuilding it.
Otherwise, you can also try exporting the blueprint and importing into a new scenario to see if that helps.