Output from 3 bundles to an email

Hi all,

I have peculiar problem with which I am struggling for more than a day. So the setup that works is this:

I pull some data from different devices, parse the output and then send an email with the info for every particular device. This works well, but it is extremely unoptimised. A parser after every ssh connection.

So I tried something like this:

If i use only one parser, I get all the data in 3 bundles (field $1 hold the values I need).

But I cannot work out how to send this information via email. While in the first scenario I had 5.$1, 6.$1 and 8.$1 ā€“ 3 fields that I can put next to respective devices, now I have just one field 8.$1 with 3 bundles. If I enter it into the email, it sends me 3 consecutive emails ā€“ first with data from bundle 1, second with data from bundle 2 etc.

So I tried Text aggregator with this result:

This produces one bundle with all the data. But if I send this via an email , I will get just 35, 11, 45

I need an email with something like device1:35, device2:11, device3:45

Is this achievable or am I really dumb ? :frowning::blush:

Hi @Denis_Christov

In test aggregator portion text use like as below

Use the values from text parser

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Thank you @Msquare_Automation
but there is no field with the name of a device. This is what it looks like:

The output of the ssh is a very long string from which I parse the needed value via regex

Hi @Denis_Christov

I could see that there is i value from the regex that denote 1,2,3 etc. So in the text aggregator you can use Device {{8.i}} : {{8.$1}}

Row separator - include other
Separator by - ,

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Hi @Msquare_Automation,

Thank you for your response. That would give me the result which would looke like this:




As the ā€œiā€ is just the number of the bundle essentially.

And I need a name of the device in the email.

I toyed with the regex and managed to pull the name of the device from the long array that ssh fetches (it was quite complicated as the name is there several times and I needed it only once). If I put the regex in the text aggregator, it unfortunately produces two bundles per run ā€“ once for every matching group:

In the example bundles 2 and 3 have the name of the device and the state belonging to it

So I need to get in my final data like this:

Klimstahl_Vadovce: 11


Iā€™m starting to think that it will probably not be doable and will have to stick with my first example :smiley: