Pagination: Repeaters

In continuation to my previous challenges with Google sheets, I wanted to share another epiphany in hope that it may help someone else having similar challenges - this time with pagination.

Thanks to @Msquare_Automation for the hints here, but I had a battle implementing in my scenario… So here was my solution (which please feel free to comment/critique).

The logic

  1. First http request so that I can pass the details of the number of records and how many records per page
  2. Repeater number of records and how many records per page to get to the number of repeats needed i.e. {{ceil( /}}
  3. Second http request updated with a query string of page_number which references the count of the repeat.

The rest of the scenario, which still has a lot to be fleshed out but should eventually separate and summarise the data into a sheet per date range and SKU but felt that this pagination “logic” may help someone and perhaps someone could improve on my logic.

Happy making!