Having issue with pagination on empty data

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I’m still stuck on pagination issue for lengthy api paginations where page is not given in the api responses.

I want to do a dynamic change on repeater’s repeats value, like when no data from the api response, then it should be stop and execute further operations.

I have attached screenshots and blueprint for reference.

Blueprint : scrpeweb.json (38.3 KB)

@Afzal Here is the detailed solution:

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Hello @Msquare_Automation
Thank you for very prompt response, I have followed the steps of a page you provided.
But thing is , in that page, repeats value is set to 100 and and it will stops when no data is coming, but I have to setup a text aggregator with source of repeater so number of operations can be less.

All the issue is for reducing the number of iterations.

We can set the page numbers of api pagination, but how to control repeater value to repeat only at some certain times only.

Let me know if anything is not clear from my side.
Would happy to discuss and provide more info.