Parse an email to update airtable

Hi. I am trying to parse the subject of an email to update a listing in Airtable. When I use the regex from the text parser, I get the exact product name, but when I put the output into the “Search Records” airtable step, nothing gets returned. If I manually type the words I am searching for, I will get a result, but that’s prohibitive to the process. Here are the formulas I’ve tried:

Works: ({Product Name} = “typed in string”)
Does not work: ({Product Name}= “{{toString(5.$1)}}” )
Does not work: ({Product Name} = 5.$1) → this is the variable for the output of the text parser

What am I missing?

Hi @wclark,
would you mind doing a screenshot of how you insert the output of the text parser?
It’s hard for me to understand what’s exactly going on without seeing it :confused:

I added the “Compose a string” module after I posted the above message, and got the same result.

and removing the quotation marks does not solve it, right?

As it’s hard for me to really see what is happening, I suggest you to use GoogleChrome and the Integromat Developer console. There you can see what’s exactly going on and therefore run this module where it works and then in a way you would like it to work, compare it and hopefully solve it :smiley:

Thanks. I’ll try that.

After the compose string step, could you try adding a “set variable” module to store the product information there and use that output in your Airtable module?