Parse error on \"-\" (error) at


I’m trying to set up some of the modules using Monday, I’ve got a name field and that contains all types of letters and symbols etc.
I’m getting Parse error on \"-\" (error) at
so I’m assuming its the - thats causing that.

How can I get it to not throw an error?

Hey @johnners ,

I don’t see your full scenario or what this field name is but it looks like you are trying to get a Monday item by name. However, this module is asking an ID within the “Item ID” field. This is usually a number you can get through the API or URLs.

Hope this helps you to solve it1
Sorry, this is the scenario:

Hey @johnners ,

Thank you for the screenshots and yes, that confirmed my original answer above. Within your second module use the “ID” of the first module instead of “name”. The second module requires an ID not a name.


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ah! thank you so much!