Parse JSON sending multiple packages which repeat my API Request

Hey guys,

I made a flow yesterday that’s basically creating a contact in my CRM via API, but I noticed it was always creating the contact in duplicate which is weird.

Then I saw that the JSON module was sending 2 packages even if the data structure only looks like this: {“ContactId”:“2323324”}.

How can I cap it to 1? Pretty sure it’s the problem here

I’ve tried an array aggregator, but it seems a bit weird? Not even sure it works as of right now

could you upload a screeshot of the output of the http module before the json. To see if it has multiple bundles or something else.

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Here it is:

I’m not sure why, but the whole sequence is creating 2 contacts in my CRM

its possible it is processing multiple bundles maybe from the http before it. Could you show a screenshot of a process from your history where it shows the count next to each module. It may say if it is processing more than one bundle or not.

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Is this what you are asking for?

Manually testing the HTTP I sent you above created only 1 contact in my CRM and no duplicate hmm

select the option in the http before the json to parse the response.
what do you have in the parse json if you are just trying to parse the http response the option above will do it for you already. So remove the parse json and the aggregator

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What I basically need is this {“ContactId”:“324324”} from the HTTP response, but I haven’t been able to “grab” the ID without a JSON parse (I’m a beginner in this).

How would you make this work?

if you have the parse response already enabled on the http well maybe it does not parse it. Could you remove the aggregate and test it without connecting after the parse json and show the the output of the parse json when you run it

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Sure, here it is:

Auto Parse response is enabled, but doesn’t seem to work

I need to mention that by testing this disconnected after the JSON (So only the contact creation part), It only created 1 instance in the CRM.

The 2 other HTTP modules are for creating an automated follow up task and adding a “Interested Reply” item in the CRM using the ContactId to retrieve the correct contact.

it only looks like one record is coming in from the output of the json. Not sure why you need the aggregator. Try it without the aggregator and see if that helps when you connect it all up.

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Tried it with the aggregator, didn’t help, still created 2 instances. Really weird problem…

Hi @Windgrowth

Why are you using the Parse JSON module when it is inbuilt into the HTTP module?

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Hey there, I am

Doesn’t work tho


Okay so just to mention, I tested by simply adding a router and I don’t have a duplicate instance (right now)

So asking myself if the problem was speed of executions or something like that? I’M a noob so maybe someone knows more about this?