Parse XML attachement

Hi all, I have the following problem: I receive emails with data from applicants. The data of the applicants are attached as XML file. I want to read the XML attachment and then transfer the data it contains to a Google Sheet or other app. However, I can’t access the contents of the XML file with the XML parser. I have also tried using the iterator to separate the XML from the email and store it in a Google Drive. This also works so far. The problem is that the file loses the XML specifications and when I parse the saved file I get the error that there is no valid XML format. What can I do to read the contents of an XML file that I receive by email?

I have worked on similar setup before and this is what I did,

  1. Download the XML File either using Get a File Module or in my case Dropbox
  2. Define the DataStructure of XML in Make Data Structure
  3. Parse XML

Screenshot from 2023-04-03 20-23-06
Screenshot from 2023-04-03 20-22-56

Please do let me know if helps.

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Hi, yes this has been helpfull. Thank you. I do face another issue

I have a lot of strucutured data in my bundles which I can parse through and catch the data. But there is one array or bundle constisting of a bunch of data. It is strucutured like having title and a value behind, each seperated by semicolons. I could not find a tutorial on how to parse this and fetch some of the data which I warnt to use only

Can you share me how it looks like?

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Hi, Thanks for reaching out. I allready solved it.