parseDate and gmail not working as expected

I’m newbie to make, and trying to send an email with a parsed date on gmail.
On my scenario, I GET a date from an API which arrives in this format : 2023-11-03 08:14:49
I create a variable to store that date parsed, it transforms it as : 3 novembre 2023 08:14 (it’s in french)
Then I send an email with the variable created, but what I got is a date in this format : 2023-11-03T07:14:49.000Z

I tried to parse it again in the gmail module, but still the same.

Can you help me ?

(upload of jpeg of my scenario does’nt seems to work)

You need to use formatDate after the parseDate, since the parseDate returns result as a date you will get the standard date when using the variable i.e 2023-11-03T07:14:49.000Z. So, You can use the formatDate to get string of date format that you want, which will then render the required format in the email that you are sending.


Hello, thanks it works. Correct thing to do is to to change what I did with formatDate(date;DD/MM/YY)


Hi @nabjaf :blob_wave:

It’s great to see that you managed to get things up and running with the assistance of @Runcorn :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for stepping back into the community and sharing what did the final trick for you. We all 100% appreciate it. :pray:

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