Parsejson bundle array is being ignored by Microsoft Word Template?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create an invoice from a .docx template using the Microsoft Word Templates: Fill a document with a batch of data, without complete success. While I AM able to fill in normal variables in the template without a problem, the issue is filling in a table with an array of data. I’m using json to create the table data and the data looks good to me but perhaps the format is wrong? I get only the first row of the array in the resulting table document.

The curious thing to me is that the output of the parsejson is the array that I expect but the Word input (the following node) only sees the first entry of that array.

Output of parsejson:

…vs. the input of the word node for that variable:

And here is the .docx template snippet in question:

…and the output of the table:

I’ve tried the iterator solution provided here but that gives me the first row of the array 4 times, once for each bundle:

The above link refers to another solution which is an integrator-aggregator combo but that didn’t work for me either as I just seem to be missing the other 3 rows once inside the Word node.

Any help appreciated!