Loop to populate a MS Word template table


I am currently trying to create invoices using the Microsoft Word Template.

The input i have is a json data file which has an array that includes multiple line items.
When I tried to populate these line items in the Word Template TABLE, It wont work unfortunately.

Pleasee see my configurationon make:

Here is the MS Word template:

could you please let me know the problem?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there,

has the issue/solution here been found since i’m also struggling with looping through arrays or collections with the MS word templates module.

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Hey @ARSV_GmbH ,

Yeah i have found a solution, you just need to add a literator for each table item and then followed by an array aggregator to combine them into one array( see screenshot below)

You just need to make sure the array variable name matches with the table variable name


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Thank you for sharing your solution with us. :pray:

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Hi, can you describe it in more detail?
Iam trying it it many way, but still dont have in the results that I need…
Thanky you!