Insert dynamic table into new word document

I receive via webhook a number of products with parameters(name, price, etc) as a list of variables and I want to generate a Quote based on a word template i created for the list of products i received.
The problem i have is i don’t know how many products i will receive therefore i don’t know how many rows i need in my table.
I was able to do this with google docs using a template and then inserting my data into the table with an api call but i need it for Microsoft Word Document which doesn’t have API calls.
Any ideas?

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Yes i used this app however in the settings you have to manually add a value to each variable and i have multiple variables that wont always have a value and i dont want empty rows in my table so i need to add a new row in the document for each variable with a value

for example if i get the following variables:

in the image you can see a product with msrp and sku, fireboxpanel with msrp and sku, burner with msrp and sku etc… all these variables arent always going to have a value and in the future there might be more so i might just create an array that holds all the data

an example of the table i want to create in a microsoft word document with these specific values would look like this:

again they might be empty some of the time and i dont want empty rows so i need to add rows accordingly