Parsing data from gmail to hubspot or google sheet

I have some gmail with this type of body:

Name: XXXX
Surname: YYYYY

Now, I would to put these data in hubspot or google sheet mapping the text after the “:” and so…

(like a google sheet table…)

Name Surname City

How could I parse these data?

Please use the Text Parser module with Regex.

Build your Regex using -

Let me know if you need any further support

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I am trying to solve, but my only problem is:

(Body of mail):
City Santa’s (Birth): 236

If I try with the regex:
City Santa’s (Birth):(.*)

Not works…
Maybe the round brackets in the body of mail, return this problem.

It is very frustrating…

Hi. You will need some knowledge about Regex and use the Text Parse module “Match pattern”. Something like this:

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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with this rule it works but take all the values in the body of the mail after “:”


I need to match only for this:
City Santa’s (Birth)