Pass value from one scenario to another

This is probably a really ignorant question but I’d like to build essentially a “sub scenario” that grabs data from a google sheet does some manipulations and then returns a value. I will use this across multiple scenarios.

What is the best way to effect this? I’m coming from Zapier where I used to use “sub-zaps” for this

Hi @Justin_Hardman,

There are a couple of ways to do this, One is dependent on your current tier and the other one can be achieved using the Webhooks & HTTP module together.

If you are using Paid Plan, You can utilize Make’s Make app and Scenario Input features. For this, you will need to generate the API Key for Make and then basically trigger another scenario using Run a Scenario Module in the default app. In the segregated scenario, you can then define the scenario input, which then you need to pass it from the Make Run a Sceanrio Module.

The second approach will be to create a new scenario for the repeated task, and the first module there will be an webhook module, you can grab the URL from the webhook and then basically use HTTP Module > Make a Request module with the URL being the one you obtained on the segregrated sceario. Afterwhich, you can define your input/payload for the webhook module via JSON or via Body’s Request Payload.

I can create a video for the latter if that helps you, but give it a try and see how it goes.


Hi there, how would you return values from the called scenario back to the scenario that’s launching / calling the scenario with parameters?

There is a webhook response module and it can return value from the other scenario.


I found this and it works, thanks!

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Hello @Runcorn . I tried to follow the Make App approach as mentioned above but only received an Execution ID when calling the inner scenario. is there a way to get additional data from that inner scenario being called?