Values from a previous scenario

Hello everyone !

My goal is to launch different make scenarios (2) from a single scenario (1), keeping the data from the first scenario (1). I am in Pro tier, I thought that inputs could be the answer but couldn’t find any help on this subject ! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Here are some screenshots to explain my problem.
My first trigger would be Contrast (webinar tool) When someone register to it, i’m keeping some information (name, phone, email). (1)

To avoid the scenario to be GIGANTIC I want to run one other specific scenario depending on the filter i’ve made. (2)
BUT I want to have the information triggered by Contrast on the first scenario (1) so I can use it to configure modules on the other scenarios (2)

1st question : Is it possible to keep data from one scenario to another ?
2nd question : If yes, how? (scenario inputs?)
3rd question : If no, what would you recommend? (webhooks?)

Thanks for your help !

Hi @Thomas_Colin ,

It seems that webhook could be an excellent solution, according to the documentation:
“Webhooks allow you to send data to Make over HTTP. Webhooks create a URL that you can call from an external app or service, or from another Make scenario. Use webhooks to trigger the execution of scenarios.”

With the “Run a scenario” module, I am not sure that you can exchange data, it means that you have to store this data somewhere (Google Sheet, Datastore), then you have to load it in next scenario and to delete it… a lot of very old style work.

There is an very good set of videos in Make Academy about webhooks.



Yes! I think the webhook is a great solution! Alternatively, I think you could use the scenario input variables which can be used in the Make Module.


Oooook, thanks @Richard_Johannes !

Despite the fact that the documentation regarding the Make module is not very detailed, it is actually very simple to pass information from one flow to another. The method is simply to create “inputs” in the destination flow (2) and make them mandatory. At that moment, in the automation (1), the information will be requested.

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