Pb with Date from

Hello, I created a scenario on MAKE that retrieves RSS feeds stored in a Google Sheets file and automatically fills a table in NOTION. This scenario will run every week, and I want it to only bring up articles published since the last scenario. Maybe there’s something to do with ‘DATE FROM’, but I don’t know how to do it (I’m a beginner).

Thank you for your help! Ludivine

Hi, Ludivine!

What module do you use as a trigger? Can you send several screenshots of the scenario?

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Here are some screenshots

I want MAKE to fill my Notion with the new articles published since the friday before, and not to fill Notion with ancient articles + new ones.

(Sorry for my english, I’l french :wink:

At the bottom of the RSS setup “Date from” field.

(It’s okay, I’m Ukrainian :smile:)