PDF parser?


is it possible to extract data from a PDF file? Is there a functionality in make to do this?

This data should be prepared for a serial letter in Excel OR Word.

This extracted data is to be used for a mail merge. The serial letter should be created in Excel OR Word.


  • Extract data from pdf file
  • import this data into Excel File OR Word and automatically create a serial letter from it
  • I will then finally determine the position of the extracted data for the serial letter

Thank you.


I do something similar with PDF invoices. We extract the subtotals, taxes, and total fields and inject that data into another system. Try setting up an account with https://pdf.co/. They have instructions on setting up a PDF template in their system (eg. where to read the fields).

Then within Make, there is a module for PDF.co where you can extract the data from your PDF document as input.

There are a couple different companies like PDF.co, if you wanted to do some research to compare them.

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Thanks a lot. I will try it with pdf.co .

@Tom_Hudock Hello, do you know an alternative to pdf.co? I only have to read four pdfs a month and I don’t want a subscription to pdf.co for that. Thanks.

You don’t have to pay the monthly subscription. They have a pay-as-you-go plan now.

I don’t know a list of alternatives but searching Google would be where I’d start.


i would like to try it with pdf.co . :+1: