PDF Split Uploading 2 Documents, Unable to Use dynamic Contact to Grab the 2nd File ID from the Upload


I am using the PDF.co split a PDF action and uploading the soon to be multiple PDF’s to SharePoint. The split is working correctly but when I try to add another upload action to SharePoint the dynamic content shown is only for the first upload and not the second.

Any suggestions would be amazing!


Can you share how your scenario looks like?

Ignore the Router I was doing some testing.

So basically I do the PDF split and then it uploads both files into the SharePoint site.

On the upload run it is showing the 2 operations and both file ID’s.

But when I try to do another upload action or any action it is not showing me the dynamic content for that second file.


Hi @dcastle,

It is intended to work that way, What is happening with this is,

a) Split PDF.co module generates two bundles, i,.e two different output as shown in the screenshot. Bundle works like an array interator i.e the subsequent module after such Module will be triggered as per the number of output. If total bundle returned is 3, then all the module after it will be triggered thrice, regardless of modules, so if you have 5 different modules after such a module, each of them will be executed five times.
b) After which, you are using Upload to OneDrive, So, It is executed twice based on the output bundles.

So, What Make does is it has a standard mapping, based on the defined schema on the app. So, Wherever you are mapping the data from the module, it will only show the mapping based on the result of the First Bundle.

Let me know if it clears the confusion caused. So, What you want to do is, Just map the standard values shown and it will be automatically picked up based on the Bundle Rotation, so, if you want to use the fileName, you can map the output of the Upload one and it will pick the correct value for each bundle execution.

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Your explanation makes sense but I am still confused about the second part. Can you go into further details or what actions I need to use exactly?

Thank you so much. I figured it out :slight_smile:

Heya @dcastle :wave:

Awesome to hear that you managed to get things up and running.

Would you be willing to share with us what worked for you? It would be really helpful for the community to learn from your experience.

Thanks a million :pray:

@Michaela Sooo actually I lied.

I thought I figured it out but I was mistaken.

@Runcorn Can you explain further how I can point that second operation (file that was split) into a different SharePoint action?


I need to revisit all the threads to see what exactly we were working on here.

But, If you only want the second data from the Split PDF one, then what you can do is add a filter before the SharePoint action that you want to trigger, over their use can use Bundle Order Position returned from PDF.co by simply adding if Bundle Order Position equals to 2 in the filter.

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How would that expression look?

So here is the rundown again. I am splitting a single PDF into 2 PDFs using the PDF.co split a pdf action. I’m splitting it by “Text Found or Barcode.” (I was using the split by page numbers feature and this was working but I need this split to be dynamic going forward, so I am using the “Text Found” option.) I then want to upload the first PDF to one SharePoint site and the second PDF into another site. Currently it is splitting the PDF into two files successfully, but it is uploading them both to each SharePoint site. The end goal here is to move the first split PDF to one document library and the second split PDF to another document library.

Once again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Ok, What you can do is add a filter on each of the route.

The filter will be,

For the first route, if the Bundle Order Position(this is available from the PDF.co) equals to 1 then go to first route, and do the same for the other router route and add filter equals to 2.

This way you don’t need to add anything and it should upload the relevant results to each of the destined SharePoints.


I was making that way harder than it needed to be. Thank you so much!

This resolved my issue.