Pdf with documint from airtable

Hello !

I’m making an automation in order to create a pdf from airtable to documint with this scenario.

<img src="https://i.ibb.co/4NtTTZT/Capture-d-cran-2023-04-17-183940.jpg" alt="Capture-d-cran-2023-04-17-183940" border="0">

I don’t understand why some field stay empty in the final pdf… In Make, the fieds are empty too when I watch in the airtable’s modules… The are fields which are connected from the second table.


Unless you have rollup fields of the connected board in Airtable, you will need to fetch the data from such connected fields using the Get a Record Module in Make.

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Yes that’s what I’ve made. I have two “get a record” module in chain. One per table in order to get record from the two different table.
I’ll wsee about rollup field…I’m not up to it with that…