Pinterest "Watch Pins" posting repeatedly old pins instead of new pins

I have set up an automation in order to gather info from all the new Pinterest pins and post this pin info on Instagram and then Facebook.

The automation works: the data is retrieved from Pinterest and successfully posted on IG and FB. The problem is that is not posting any new pins but only the oldest pins repeatedly again and again and on 15 minutes intervals.

I guess something about the trigger is wrong. And also I don’t understand why is not picking up the newest pins. I have tried this over the last 3 days getting the same result.

I would like the automation to trigger only when a new pin is uploaded. And to post only the new pins (once they are online).

I would appreciate help. Thanks.

5 days, no answer… :upside_down_face: :melting_face:

Hi @Abel_Agullo

You have to set this to on demand which can be run on specific case by API or by you !!
so change this to intervals ,

after this you can set it to on ,

thank you !!


Thanks for your answer (It was a bit confusing though…)
I have tested it with both “on-demand” and “15-minute” intervals. The module doesn’t work properly. It is picking up the oldest pins.

It is even worse when set up on intervals, cause is posting an old pin to IG and FB every 15 min…

Is there any way to set this so that it is only picking the new pins once they are online?

Yes please after setting it to interval.
Right click on first module, then click on choose where to start option and then set it to from now on or you can set it manually from your desire post you want it to start .

Thank you
Happy automation!!!

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