Seeking Assistance for Setting Up Organic Pinterest Post Automation

Hello everyone,

I need your help to set up a strategy for automating posts on Pinterest. The goal is to develop an organic and engaging presence without falling into the spamming trap.

I want to launch automation that simulates the behavior of a human user. Ideally, I would like my posts to be published at irregular intervals, for example, between 15 minutes and 2 hours. This would help maintain a natural activity and avoid triggering the platform’s spam detection mechanisms.

I have already created a scenario for publication. I thought I could use another scenario to trigger the first one at irregular intervals, but I am not proficient enough with the necessary formulas and modules. Do you think this is the way to proceed? Could you help me set this up? Thank you in advance for your help.

You can use the Make API integration to “reschedule” the next scenario run at a random later date.

You can make use of the random variable in the variables panel with a formula to generate a random number of minutes between 15 and 120, and using the addMinutes built-in function to add the number of minutes to the current time {{now}}.

Here are some examples of using the Make API module to reschedule the same scenario: