Pipedrive label fields not showing up in make

I need to add a label when creating the business inside the pipedrive, but here in make it doesn’t bring these fields

Does anyone know how to create a business inside the pipedrive and be able to insert a tag there in the business

I’m using the following flow below, and in none of the steps does make show me the label field

Hi Edy Lawson, how are you? Greetings from Brazil!
As I researched, labels are considered standard fields.
You can see by yourself in the documentation:

You will need to add the deal using the Make an API Call module, inserting the values manually, by their ID, separted by a comma.
As the documentation describes, you must first discover the ID from each label that you have. You can set up a test deal and check the ID of label per label by opening the URL https://yourcompany.pipedrive.com/api/v1/deals/{dealID}?api_token={yourtoken} in your browser, and look for “label” when pressing the CTRL+F in the json.

I’ve tested here for you and it worked.


Now, what you have to do is send every field information on body, following the documentation here → Pipedrive API v1 Reference
If you have any custom field, you must use it’s ID that is a long string. This is easily found in the fields section in pipedrive, by clicking in the 3 dots in the custom fields section, like the screenshot below:

I hope this solution works for you.
Just let me know you if I can help you any other way!
Best regards,
Tobias Baco