Post random photo to instagram from photo bank

I Have a bank of photos, I am trying to make a work flow that randomly selects one of those photos and posts it to insatgram. It seems like a simple enough goal, but i cant figure it out.

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Could you provide more details? Which service is your photo bank? How many photos are there in it? What does your existing scenario look like, and are there any errors?

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use chatgpt to generate a random number, and use that to select file name. Or list all the names of your files in the chatgpt prompt and tell it to pick one at random.

This is an overkill because Make already has a random variable for that


solution I have used:

  1. Put all your files in a google drive folder
  2. create a Google sheet with 2 columns: Column A has your file names, Column B has the formula =rand() next to all file names in column A
  3. Google Apps Script that refreshes the sheet every day at midnight (I assume you do this daily, but it can be any interval you need)
  4. Make module (google sheet ‘search rows’) that pulls the value in column A based on a descending (or ascending) order in column B. This is the part that randomizes the selection
  5. Make module (google drive ‘search files/folders’) that searches the folder from #1 for the file name from #4
  6. Make module (google drive ‘download file’) that downloads the file output from #5