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Please I do not know if as of this time its possible to make post using’s twitter module or any other. For paid users of twitter, they can publish articles of up to 2500 words but when i use “” twitters create a post module, it still limit me to the less than 300 characters which applied for the non premium twitter users. Please is there any other module which can be use to create articles and not just post on twitter?
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Hi @amberex,

Did you double-check if you are authenticated with the right user? And did you take a look at the possibilities and restrictions of the X/Twitter API documentation?

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Yes i have double checked all that. I use twitter module V5 to upload the image and V6 to add the tweet (( article). This only work when i reduce the number of characters to less than 290. The 290 character restriction is for those who are not using twitter premium. This led me to think that maybe there is a special setup for Twitter articles because even on twitter, to post articles you need to go to a different section.