Not able to Post long Tweets via

I want to post long form tweets via on my twitter.

How ever I have not been able to do so. (I have subscription to twitter premium for long form tweets)

I am able to post long tweets manually on my twitter timeline, but have not been able to do it via

though tweets within 280 characters are being posted absolutely fine via

Any help will be appreciated


Google sheets > Create a tweet

Hello Shashwat_Chopra,

Could you add some screenshots:

  • input data
  • input data mapping when you call the “Create a tweet” module
  • detailed error message.




I am directly inserting text in my create a tweet module. SO just to do a test run

Sample tweet I want to create

Error that I am getting

The error message is a little bit short and lacking in information…

Maybe, you could start with a small message following this tutorial.
After you can increase the length of the message.


Hello everyone,
this error is displayed when we want to post more than 280 characters on Twitter. I have exactly the same problem and am looking for a solution. Has anyone already found a solution?

I contacted make care, they said , issues are with twitter API’s, as API posting does not allows more than 280 words. Only manual posting will allow 280 words plus posting is working fine and has no error.

this was written by the team

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