Does have character limits?

I have 3 long form article inputs that I combine into Wordpress โ†’ Create Post

Issue: is cutting these off.

Are there limits? If so, how can I get around them?

Yes, have character limits for its inputs.
Regarding your WordPress code, you can control the length of the content displayed on the category page by using the the_excerpt() function instead of the_content() . The the_excerpt() function returns a 55-word summary of your post by default, but you can customize the length using the wp_trim_words() function.

i hope now your query resolve :+1:



I dont want an excerpt. I want a very long form article.

Okay got it
Choose an external storage service like Google Sheets or Airtable Store each article full content in entries within the chosen service.
In scenario, use the Store Data module to access the stored content for each articles
Configure the WordPress โ†’ Create Post module to receive the retrieved content from the external storage.


The issue is not the storage. The issue is the input limits.
Whether I get a large blob of content from OpenAI module vs Google Sheets, what difference will that make?

Ultimately, I want to write a Wordpress post of 10 000 + words, as an example.
It makes no difference if the preceding node is Google Sheets, Open AI, Airtable, or anything elseโ€ฆ The text gets cut off.