Does the LinkedIn module have a character/word limit?

From my understanding, LinkedIn should have a 3000 character limit, that’s about 450 words on average.
However, when using the LinkedIn module, the post seems shorter than 450 words when seen on LinkedIn.
When checking the module on Make, it seems like there is a lot more content.

Does anyone know the reason for this discrepancy?
Is this a Make limitation or LinkedIn limitation?
Would there be a workaround for this issue?
Thank you!


Are you saying you created a LinkedIn post through the Make module, but from what you can see, it looks like the number of characters given to the module exceeds that of the actual post?

Have you tried just counting the characters or putting both pieces of text in an app that can compare two texts?


Yes the number of characters shown in the OUTPUT of the LinkedIn module exceeds that of what is actually posted on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn the post stopped at “for dialogue applications…” but as you can see in the 1st screenshot, the OUTPUT goes for way longer.

Kind of surprising that it allows you to do that instead of erroring out because it’s too many characters. I suppose you’ll have to count characters before creating the post then.

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Hello there @Musoka thanks a lot for raising this in the community :pray:

At this point, it’s advisable to work within the limits that LinkedIn imposes while automatically generating your posts.

In order for this to be properly investigated on our end, feel free to create a ticket with us and select ‘Technical Issue’ as a category. Our devs will then be able to look deeper into this and assess if the module’s reflection of the limitation is accurate.


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