Posting from Make onto Linkedin

I’m currently using the free version of I have set up a scenario where it extracts information from a notion table and set this up as a LinkedIn post. I’m also extracting an image from the Notion table using the HTTP request. Everything is running smoothly and all the data is being pulled in. However, I noticed that when the post is actioned on LinkedIn, it is only doing about a third of the overall length and cutting much of the post off when it actions. Does anybody know why this might be?

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LinkedIn have post length limit- it is 3000 characters.

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Thanks for the reply however, it is only posting about 500 characters

I got the same issue. I can’t display all my linkedIn post content even if I wrote less than 3000 characters

As you can see on the screenshot, INPUT is good, Igot all my content.

But LinkedIn post only the part in red.

Thank you for your help !

Might be the white space is counted as well @Idriss . Try to post without any white space etc.


I tried but I got the same issue.

Thank you

I found a solution @Alan1

I use Buffer Modul instead LinkedIn and it works


I also faced the same issue when using the LinkedIn module. Is this a Make limitation?