Uploading posts from Notion to other social networks

I’ve been agonizing all day and can’t figure out why I can’t make a post from the Notion database to social media.
Using Linkdin as an example, I’m trying to make a post but it’s complaining about the video.
And at first it gurgles a bit and then it writes an error.
I tried also via http but it says that the file weighs a lot. It weighs 13mb.
Please advise me how to solve this problem and set up autoposting posts through the database notion, because all posts and files there.

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Hey @kostebas

  • you can try uploading the links to drive from notion database (use upload a file module)
  • after that you can insert download a video (in specific format)
  • and just map the downloaded video to the linkedin module (for generating video post)

let me know if this helps

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oi oi @Anshul_Soni
I’m not quite sure how this is going to work.
because you have to specify the id of this video every time, and this is not automated anymore.
If you mean a different method please help and tell me what you mean if I am wrong.
i have field Data in Googleupload

But i dont know which parametr i can choose for File ID in Goggle download

I choose File ID but after i have the same error for Linkidn

file normal with normal resolution and size 13mb

The problem was that my file limit was smaller than the file itself.
Problem solved. Thx.


Hey @kostebas :wave:

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, we appreciate it.

Keep up the good work!

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