What does "DataError 400: Max length of the title is 400 characters." mean in LinkedIn module?

Hello Everyone!

I need help with this:
Im trying to automate my LinkedIn Image-post but this happens:

Why does this happen?

This is the whole scenario:

Would appreciate the help, thanks!


It seems like your title is longer than the allowed character limit. Try using the substring() function, or set up some parsing to handle longer titles if you intend for them to be this long.

Otherwise, just set the title to be shorter and it should work.


Hello Harman, thanks for the response!
Im fairly new to Make so where and how would i try using this “substring() function”?
Also, the title, where can i shorten it?

Thanks again.

So the title is likely getting set in the “Create an Image Post” Linked In module, if you click into that module and see where the title is being set, you should be able to edit it.

You can find the substring function here:

Or you can also simply just type “substring(”


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