Prestashop vs. Pipedrive products sync

I want to regullary update prices and stock information of our products in Pipedrive. We have these informations in couple of formats, mainly our e-shop in Prestashop.

First I tougt this would be an easy task, since Prestashop and Pipedrive both have modules in Make. Then I found out Prestashop module in Make is able to get information only about products, not it’s variations. And variatios are really important since they are basicaly products on their own in Pipedrive.

Does anyone here have experience with souch integration? What would be the best solution? API or perhaps XML feed?

Thanks in advance,

If product variations are available in the Prestashop API itself, but not directly in the app, you can use the Make an API Call module to access any API endpoint.

This handles authentication for you and keeps everything nice and visible and manageable in Make.

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Thanks for your reply.

I am calling Prestashop API for combinations but I’m getting only IDs and no other info:

Can you show what API endpoint and parameters you’re sending to the Prestashop API?

Make an API call looks like this:

Even the path only has same result:

Looking at the Prestashop API, you might need to add a query string of display=full

Failing that, you might need to retrieve data for each ID in turn, using an URL of /api/combinations/<ID> (eg /api/combinations/1647). You’d use an Iterator module after the first Make an API Call module in that case.

Ultimately, as you’re using the Prestashop API endpoints directly, it might be best to seek assistance from the Prestashop community.