Price and Phone Numbers validation error in Google Sheets

This is my first time using Make, I am trying to setup a flow that sends data from Botpress to Make, which then populates that data into a Google Spreadsheet.

On my first try I got this error “BundleValidationError”, I assume it might be related to the price data? Also would I need to also cater for the phone numbers as well.

Have attached screen shots of my workflow for reference.

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 8.57.01 AM

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Based on your third screenshot, name is a collection. You’ll need to expand it using the plus sign on the left of it, and select a primitive variable under it in column C (Name), in your second screenshot.


Hi there, the name collection is a first and last name. Can it pull in both to one column?

Yes, just select/insert both in the same field.


Glad I could help you solve your problem today!

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