Problem generating a random number within a range

I’m trying to grab a random record from Airtable. The ‘min and max’ values are generated by pulling 1 record from 2 views. Each view is sorts asc/dsc based on an autonumber field.

That works fine, but I can’t get ‘random’ to generate a number between those two values:

In that example, max number is 5, min number is 3.

This is what happens:

I tried having 2 ‘set variable’ objects, one to set the min/max, one that takes that output and generate the random number:

I’m creating a ‘helpful tips’ widget that will randomly grab something and post it to my internal Slack and the view filter will grab a random item that hasn’t been already sent over the last “X days/weeks” as I do want to reuse this stuff.

Did you look at some other posts @Jason_Little ?
For example this one: Math variables (random) - #4 by alex.newpath

cool, I’ll check that out.