Getting colums from google sheet and perform additional actions

I wanted to ask, please, for help and direction in performing the following automation using a Google Sheet:

In column C, identify the lowest and highest numbers, generate a random number between them, locate this random number in column C, and retrieve the corresponding values from columns A and B.

When I break this into steps,

  1. From column C, get the lowest number and the highest number
  2. Generate a random number between the lowest and highest numbers (need to assume numbers between 2-99)
  3. Find the random number generated in column C and get the value from cells A and B

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You cannot only get the highest and lowest number. You need to get (search) all the rows and aggregate them to an array first, before you can get the min/max using the built-in functions.

To generate a random number between two known numbers, see here for the formula/example:

You’ll have to iterate the array from module 1, and then filter for this value.

From iterator in step 3a, you know the “Bundle order position”.

Use this index number to get the row from the spreadsheet.

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While waiting for some guidance, I set Make to get information from a single cell within the Google sheet with the total number of rows (internal Google sheet function).

Now that the cell has a value within it, I then used Make’s built-in random function to generate the number between 2 and the targeted cell mentioned above.

That generated random number is used to find the correct row number to pull the information and finalize the flow/scenario (I’m not sure what the right terminology is yet).

Thank you again,

Cheers, mate. Thank you for the advice. I did find a solution.

Heya @yairguy welcome to the Make Community :wave:

It’s awesome to hear that you managed to figure this out. Great job! Would you maybe consider sharing a brief summary of your solution for the benefit of the community?

Thanks a lot :raised_hands:

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