Sending Random Google Sheets Row

I am trying to make Google Sheets send a random row (if exists) in column A, then send it to Discord chat every hour, but not during closing hours (9pm - 9am).

I have been playing around with the random and variables, but I am not a coding wizard and my brain hurts.

I will keep researching, but I feel like I’m just getting stuck on the same thing over and over. Thanks for the help!

I would say you could possible do the following:

  • Run your automation during opening hours. You can set the Cron of the trigger with the “advanced” option
  • Use the HTTP to trigger a simple Google Apps script
  • In google apps script you have a simple function which generates a random number, and uses this to return data of some row.

You could also do this in Make only if you don’t like to code. In that case, please send some screenshots what you have and where you are stuck :wink:

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I would do the work in the sheet.

You can adjust for your details. But a formula like this in B1 will return a random cell in A1:A30.

Then just read B1 for your value. If you need it to recalculate, one way would be to just write {{now}} to C1.

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